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Zinsser Grade 1 Interior Restoration Coating

Zinsser Grade 1 is a high performance paint for the interior decoration of walls and ceilings in traditional and historic buildings, including churches, castles and period properties.

When decorating traditional and historic properties it is essential to ensure that the particular requirements of the building are met. Standard primers and emulsions will trap any moisture causing the finish to quickly flake and crack.

The unique formula of Zinsser Grade 1 is specially formulated to tackle all the problems that can be found in period properties. A primer, sealer and finish in one, Grade 1 requires no washing down and no additional primer. In addition it is recoatable in just two hours. It’s vapour permeable film allows the painted substrate to “breathe”.

The finish contains a biocide to protect the dried coating against fungal degradation, whilst the paint film dries with zero tension which reduces the likelihood of future cracking, flaking and peeling.

  • Up to 8 years performance
  • Quick drying and virtually odourless
  • Unparalled stainblocking - Primer, sealer and finish in one and offers unparalleled stain blocking, hiding stains from soot, smoke, water, grafitti and nicotine.
  • Vapour permeable and protects against mould and mildew
  • Perfect for surfaces with up to 12.5pH
  • Coverage: Up to 10ms/ltr
  • Touch dry in 30 minutes; Hard dry in 7 days
  • Recoatable in 2 hours
  • Application Method: Brush, roller or spray
  • Grade 1 can be applied on many different substrates: plaster, concrete, mortar, chalky materials, distemper, limewash and whitewash: on walls, ceilings, doors, trims, windows and cabinetry.


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