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Zinsser Perma White Exterior Satin

Zinsser PERMA-WHITE Mould and Mildew-Proof Exterior Satin is formulated to withstand extreme humid conditions and mildew prone areas. It is great for painting exterior wood, hardboard, vinyl, aluminium, cement board, brick, stone, cured stucco and concrete. Plus, it beautifies and protects siding, trim, doors, porches, fences, foundations - any exterior surface where mould and mildew are a concern.

Key Benefits

  • Mould and Mildew-Proof paint film - guaranteed for 5 years. Durable, long lasting finish - guaranteed for 15 years
  • Self-priming - sticks to surface without sanding
  • Fade resistant finish and resists dirt and moisture
  • Application Method; Brush, Roller and Spray Gun
  • Coverage: Up to 10m2/Ltr

5 Litre
Price (Inc VAT) : 79.27