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Double Glazed Units

We can manufacture any size, shape or pattern with coloured spacer bars to suit your requirements. The units are made in our own factory and can be glazed by our own team of trained glaziers. Pilkington "K" glass and Activ Self Cleaning glass are also available.

_ Our Sealed Units comply with - European
Standard EN1279-2 & to Document L (where required)
_ 5 Year Guarantee
_ Fast Lead Time - Standard 2 x 4mm units manufactured within 2-3 working days
_ Full Glazing Service available
_ FREE Delivery
_ Can be manufactured with various glass types to achieve a chosen U Value or obscured glass. Shaped units also available.

Manufactured on-site to the highest standards
Standard or shaped units with your choice of glass type.

Finished how you want
We stock double glazed units with a leaded light effect, as pictured above right. We can also supply units available as Shaped, Georgian Bar, Lead Light Effect, Dummy Bar, Argon Filled, manufactured from standard float glass or Pilkington K, Toughened, Softcoat Low E, Antisun.

Sealed Unit Features:

  • 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm & 20mm cavity
  • Spacer in Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black and White
  • Leaded to standard grid or your own design
  • Georgian Bars (18mm or 25mm) in White or Brown
  • Pilkington "K" Glass available
  • Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning Glass available
  • Full Range of Pilkington patterns
  • Shaped and stepped units
  • Fire resistant units made to order
  • Argon gas filled units available.

Large or small projects with standard or specialist units installed
Westminster, London as pictured above right.
Purpose made joinery glazed with curved double glazed units incorporating low E (heat retaining) glass.
The Georgian window design is created by 'dummy' glazing bars within the sealed unit.

Domestic installations large or small
As pictured on the right, the roof is glazed with a combination of Low E and Bronze Antisun glass sealed double glazed units.

Bespoke glazing for oak joinery windows and doors including shaped, sealed double glazed units.

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