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Sanderson Buy Online
Sanderson Buy Online

The Sanderson Spectrum Paint Colours features over 1,300 individual colours, available to be mixed to order in any of the Sanderson finishes. With so many colours to choose from there is a colour for everyone. There are nearly 170 swatches to view, containing 8 colours organised in order of ascending saturation.

In order to create such an extensive range some of the more popular colours have been reproduced in lighter tints and darker shades of the original. Every one of our local branches can mix the full Sanderson Spectrum Colour range, however we know not everyone is local to us. So that everyone can experience the entire colour range, we have made things easy.

Simply click on the enquire online button at the bottom of the page and tell us what sort of colours you would be interested in, as well as providing a delivery address. We will then post you a selection of the relevant swatches for you to see. If you find a colour you like contact us by email on, telling us what size tin and finish you would be interested in.

We can then arrange payment with you, mix your order, despatch and deliver usually within 3-5 working days. It couldn't be simpler.

​Changes to Sanderson Paint Manufacturing

Sanderson are changing the way their paint is manufactured, distributed and sold. Whilst these changes are being implemented our delivery timescales on Sanderson products will unfortunately be temporarily increased. Please allow up to 10 working days to receive delivery.

Once Sanderson have successfully implemented their changes our normal delivery timescales will apply. We will provide further updates accordingly.

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Sanderson Spectrum Paint Colour Mixing Swatch Board