Crown Paints

With over 200 years of knowledge, passion and experience, Crown Paints offers hundreds of high-quality shades to transform any space. Their story begins in 1777 with the opening of Dob Meadows Print Shop in Darwen, Lancashire, where their headquarters remain to this day.

Over the years, Crown became a popular paint choice between homeowners everywhere in the country, including the Royal family. In 1949, Crown were granted their first Royal Warrant as a paint supplier to King George VI and it was renewed later by Queen Elizabeth II.

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Today, Crown Paint continues to be a popular choice, offering countless paint ranges to suit any surface and requirements, from water-based paints to professional finishes, such as Crown Trade, Sadolin and Sandtex Trade. Crown are also committed to caring for the environment and, for over a decade, have run the earthbalance sustainability programme that touches all aspects of the business, from manufacturing to packaging.

Is Crown paint good?

Yes. Crown paint has proven time and time again to deliver outstanding results in performance and aesthetics for both professional and amateur decorators alike.

Is Crown Paint washable?

Some Crown paints can be washable, such as Crown Trade Clean Extreme Stain Resistant Scrubbable Matt Paint. This paint is ideal for high-traffic areas as this paint has superior cleaning capabilities that do not compromise the finished appearance of the paint.

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Is Crown Paint oil-based?

Crown offers both solvent-based paints and water-based paints. For instance, Crown Trade Matt Vinyl Emulsion Paint is a water-based emulsion whilst Crown Trade Eggshell Paint is solvent-based. 

What is Crown Trade paint?

Crown Trade is designed for professionals. Crown Trade paint is premium-quality paint ideal for decorators, contractors, builders and other professionals who have to paint a variety of surfaces in a wide selection of colours.

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Types of Crown paint.

Crown Trade Fastflow

Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Paints are water-based, quick-drying and low odour paints that come in various finishes, including Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Eggshell Paint and Crown Trade Fastflow Quick Dry Gloss Paint. These are suitable for prepared interior and exterior woodwork as well as metal surfaces.

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Crown Trade Timonox

Crown Trade Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings can help slow down the spread of flames and, in turn, protect buildings and occupants by reducing damage and buying time for evacuation. This range is inclusive of various paint types, such as Crown Trade Timonox Fire Retardant Vinyl Matt Paint and Crown Trade Timonox Fire Retardant Acrylic Eggshell Paint.

Crown Contract

Crown Contract offers great coverage and finish. This range is ideal for trade professionals looking to achieve great results whilst saving money and time. Crown Contract comes in a variety of primers and paints. The most popular being Crown Contract Matt White, which is ideal for new plaster and ceilings.

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At Kent Blaxill, we stock a wide range of Crown Trade paints. So, if you have been wondering “Who sells Crown paint?”, search no further. Whether you have been looking for Crown paint for wood, Crown paint for new plaster, Crown paint for kitchens or Crown paint for walls, we have it all.