How to refresh woodwork with Sadolin

Reinventing your woodwork can seem like a lengthy process, between choosing your wood stain, your paint colour and prepping the wood it can be difficult to know where to start, especially when you want a long-lasting effect. As the summer is fast approaching, we aim to provide some helpful tips for this transformation. So, whether it’s your doors, decking, garden architecture or windows that need a touch-up, we have the products to lend a hand.

With design trends constantly changing, it can be hard to keep up, but refreshing old woodwork has adapted from using the more traditionally favoured translucent wood stain to a more effective approach, using an opaque wood stain.

A new way to refresh woodwork.

Translucent wood stains provide a rich colour whilst still revealing an element of the wood under the surface colour. Opaque wood stains create a complete refreshed look that is durable and withstands an array of harsh conditions. The Sadolin Beautiflex Opaque Solvent Woodstain, for example, offers a 7 yearlong protection, maintaining its finish as well as resisting cracking, peeling, and flaking, making it perfect for decking.

Image Credit: Sadolin

Another great Sadolin product available is the Sadolin Superdec, which is most effective on surfaces such as doors, windows, and other external timber. This product helps to create a solid, enduring colour, that combats weather, colour, UV, and water, creating a colour that lives on throughout the seasons.

Preparation is essential.

It is clear to see that an opaque wood stain offers a complete reinvention of your woodwork, but for this to work as effectively as possible, it is essential to properly prepare your wood for the process. Sadolin Superdec can again be used for this, as it is a self-priming and undercoating product that is quick drying. Alongside this, wood should be cleaned from dust and debris before painting, a very minimal preparation process when compared with other wood stains, another huge advantage.

Colour options.

One final thing to consider is your colour options after staining the wood, which again can be a difficult choice, especially with the wide range available. Generally, earthy tones remain popular for external wood as these complement the outdoor accents. We are also seeing that trends for internal colour schemes usually follow externally, so it is likely we’ll be seeing the popular bursts of colour outdoors soon too.

Image Credit: Sadolin

Whether you want to uplift your garden fence with wood varnish or paint your garden shed with wood paint – we have everything you need at Kent Blaxill. Our woodcare range is inclusive of any and all products you might require to treat, uplift or give your woodwork a complete makeover, from wood stains to wood oils and much more. Interior woodwork products are also available, including sought-after products, such as Sadolin Light Oak Wood Stain and Sadolin Jacobean Walnut.