How to use Tester Pots effectively

You've bought some tester pots to see what your chosen colour looks like at home... a great start! There are some basic things people overlook when they buy tester pots....

✔️Tester pots are great at showing colour, but they are often made from a base paint which does not give a true reflection of the sheen level... this can affect how it looks in a room under different light conditions
✔️Some ask why a tester pot is so large, it's not! You should use the whole tin to paint your colour sample - apply 2 coats. It should cover approximately 1m2. The larger the sample the better idea you will get as to whether it's the colour for you.
❌You've painted the samples on the wall... don't. Don't paint multiple colours in one spot either, it becomes hard to see what your chosen colour will really look like.
✔️Paint your colour samples onto 1x1m squares of lining paper or wallpaper offcuts. You can now move the colour samples around the room and see what effect light, time of day has on the colour.
✔️Leave the colours samples on the wall for 24 hours... check what the colour looks like under different light levels, artificial light, time of day....
✔️Don't forget when you order paint you will be faced with the choice of what sheen level you want... matt, silk, eggshell, gloss. The higher the sheen level, the more imperfections will stand out. So consider where you are painting and and the finish you want eg flat matts are great at hiding imperfections and that is why contracts matts are used on ceilings. Do you still love the colour after 24 hours then it's probably the right colour for you... now you can pop in to KBs and buy your paint with confidence. Still unsure then talk to staff instore, they will be happy to advise you.


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