Little Greene

Long are the days when all-white interiors were the holy grail of interior design. Today, bright colours and bold hues are celebrated and admired (and for a good reason!). Not only do colourful shades make spaces more interesting but also have a great impact on our mood. So, next time you are looking to give your home a new lick of paint, consider adding a splash of colour.

Little Greene brings us much more than colourful paint. This British paint manufacturer is committed to the socially and environmentally responsible production of luxury paints and wallpapers without compromising on quality. Little Greene paints come in a wide collection of colours and finishes to transform any space, from calming hues, such as Little Greene Bone China Blue, to comforting deep tones, such as Little Greene Invisible Green.

Image Credit: Little Greene

For those who have not adventured much into the world of colourful interiors, we understand that it might seem challenging to choose the right colour or the right surface to paint. Creative Director at The Little Greene Paint Company, Ruth Mottershead shared with Modish Living her best tips for introducing colour to a home, from adding an accent or highlight colour into a neutral scheme to choosing a neutral scheme and layer up the room with colourful soft furnishings and accessories. To give a helping hand and some inspiration to those introducing their homes to colour, we have put together some of the most popular Little Greene paints.

Little Greene Olive Colour

Image Credit: Little Greene

Olive Colour is a deep shade of green, perfect for those looking to create a tranquil space. Before committing to this colour, be sure to test it with a Little Greene Olive Colour Sample Pot.

Little Greene Mirror

Mirror is a pared-down green colour that will add a hint of colour to any neutral interior. Test this colour on your walls by using the Little Greene Mirror Paint Sample Pot.

Little Greene Portland Stone

Image Credit: Little Greene

Portland Stone Dark is an earthy and restful colour that is perfect for halls and bedrooms. Use the Little Greene Portland Stone Dark Paint Sample Pot before committing to a full-size pot!

Little Greene Celestial Blue

Image Credit: Little Greene

Celestial Blue is a calming grey-ish blue that will appear blue, green or grey depending on the lighting conditions. Be sure to test it with a Little Green Celestial Blue Sample Pot in your desired room before buying.

Little Greene Slaked Lime

Image Credit: Little Greene

This neutral soft shade is ideal for those looking for an off-white shade to paint their walls and ceilings. Little Greene Slaked Lime Paint can be combined with a variety of other tones to make it even more special.