Dulux Paint

With seemingly endless paint colours and countless ranges of paint to choose from, picking the right Dulux paint might prove to be a challenge if you do not know what you are looking for. Dulux, one of the leading UK paint brands, can be divided into three main ranges: retail paint, trade paint and luxury paint. At Kent Blaxill, we supply Dulux Trade paint and Dulux Heritage, Dulux’s range of premium classic and sophisticated colours. But which one is the right one for you?

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Dulux Trade.

Dulux Trade paints are made for professional decorators, offering better quality, greater concentration of pigments, better coverage and a smoother finish that will last longer. To ensure a high-quality product, Dulux Trade paints undergo a very rigorous testing that measures durability, colour consistency and colour protection.

Image Credit: Dulux

Dulux Heritage.

Dulux Heritage is Dulux’s designer paint collection that offers 112 luxurious and rich shades. The first colours in this range were inspired by periods of historical significance and today these colours are combined with popular modern shades to create a beautiful balance of colours that will suit any interior.

For interior walls.

There are a variety of Dulux paints that can be used for interior walls. For rooms that do not suffer from humidity issues, such as bedrooms and living rooms, you will have to consider the paint’s light reflection and colour. For instance, for rooms that have a lot of natural light, a matt paint will give a lovely flat finish whilst for rooms that do not have as much natural light would better suit a more reflective finish, such as satin or silk.

Image Credit: Dulux

We also recommend considering how your rooms are used, if you have pets/children, you may prefer a wipeable paint finish (i.e. Dulux Diamond Matt) for your walls to ensure they keep looking fresh through family life. Some options for interior walls and ceilings include:

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

This high opacity emulsion paint offers excellent coverage and a high-quality matt finish. Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt Emulsion Paint is a water-based smooth paint that is easy to apply. 

Dulux Heritage Velvet Matt

This luxury velvety matt paint has been formulated with specially blended clays to ensure an effortless application. Dulux Heritage Velvet Matt Paint has an incredible depth of colour due to the premium quality pigments used in its formula. This is a water-based, washable paint.  

Image Credit: Dulux

For bathroom walls.

Small bathrooms and other humid spaces that are susceptible to mould and fungi growth should consider Dulux Trade Mouldshield Fungicidal Eggshell Paint. This paint contains a fungicide that inhibits the growth of both mould and fungi and is suitable for interior walls and ceilings. A popular choice for bathrooms is Dulux Diamond Matt – offering a hardwearing and wipeable finish. 

For kitchen walls.

For kitchens, we recommend a durable and washable finish, such as Dulux Trade Diamond Matt. This tough and cleanable emulsion paint is ideal for busy environments that require frequent cleaning as it contains a Stain Repellent technology that prevents stains from setting into the surface and makes cleaning up easier. Diamond matt offers a flat modern finish to walls, whilst also offering durability.  

Image Credit: Dulux

For exterior walls.

For exterior masonry walls that are constantly being subject to the weather conditions, we recommend Dulux Weathershield, including Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry Paint and Dulux Trade Weathershield Textured Masonry Paint. These exterior paints can easily withstand weather conditions and are shower resistant 30 minutes after application.

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For metal surfaces.

Both Dulux Trade Metalshield Gloss Paint and Dulux Trade Metalshield Satin Paint are suitable for painting metal. These quick-drying paints can be overcoated within four to eight hours and protect non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals against corrosion. Suitable for garage doors, railings, staircases and other metal surfaces.