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Kent Blaxill is one of the largest and oldest builder's merchants in East Anglia. Over the past 180 years, we've built up an enviable reputation for delivering a professional service, expert industry knowledge and quality building materials you can trust.
Did you know? Kent Blaxill means business!
Did you know? Kent Blaxill means business!
  • To give you an idea of the capacity of our Colchester site, we handled the following in 2014:
  • 42,000 25kg bags of cement – roughly the weight of 83 Routemaster double decker buses.
  • 30,000m2 of 100mm blocks – 7.4 acres, more than our entire Colchester branch site.
  • 155,000m 4” x 2” sawn timber – 91 miles! From Colchester to Peterborough.
  • 190,000m of tile batten – 119 miles! From Colchester to the outskirts of Oxford.
  • 5,500 tons of aggregates – Enough to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools, with change.
  • 49,000m2 of 12.5mm plasterboard – Over nine American football fields.

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We offer a vast range of building materials to suit everyone from a DIY enthusiast to building contractors. We stock timber, bricks and blocks and membranes. You’ll also find damp-proof coursing, building-related chemicals, piping, flue systems, felts and more. In short, Kent Blaxill has everything you need to build a house from the ground up.

Phone Colchester or Bury St Edmunds branches for your delivery or collect options.

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Building Supplies

Our Colchester branch has a large range of bricks and as a result, we can offer you the widest selection and best expert advice in matching or choosing the perfect brick for your project.

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