Masonry Colour Harmoniser

Liquid Weather Masonry Colour Harmoniser

The Original Aging Solution
Matches and blends new and old in one easy application to give a patina that is otherwise only achieved by age and weathering.

  • Effective - Made from acrylic, water-based resins to penetrate and stain microscopically, leaving the surface texture unchanged. Being water-based, Liquid Weather is not a paint, nor will it change the surface colour, other than through a natural looking darkening effect that can be varied as required.
  • Permanent - Once treated, the surface is highly weather & wear resistant, will not need re-application.
  • Compatible - Does not retard fungal growth which ensures that, once treated, any new surface will age and weather at the same rate as surrounding surfaces.
  • Safe - Water soluble, without dangerous chemicals, can be used with peace of mind.
  • Easy to use - Applied uniformly or randomly, by brush, sponge, cloth or any hand sprayer. Brushes and equipment are rinsed in water after use.


SizeInc VAT PriceQty
500 ml Trigger Spray17.112
2.5 Litre Bottle47.94
Liquid Weather Masonry Colour Harmoniser