Seasonite Wood Stabiliser & Protector

Owatrol Seasonite Wood Stabiliser & Protector

  • Stabilises and protects the wood during its first 12 months of weathering.
  • Penetrates the wood and protects it from excess moisture. Allows wood pores to open naturally.
  • Minimises any splitting, cracking, warping and cupping due to the damaging effects of the sun and rain.
  • Colourless treatment. Easy to use.
  • Minimises the greying & weathering process - prepares the wood for recoating.
  • After 6-12 months of weathering, Seasonite provides a sound surface for paint, wood stain or other finishes to be applied to.
  • Ideal for softwood (Pine, Spruce, Cedar…) and especially for pressure-treated wood.
  • For use on garden decks, shakes, shingles, cladding, fencing, unfinished outdoor furniture in Pine, Spruce, Cedar or other softwoods
  • Coverage: 5 -7m2/ltr
  • Application method: Brush or Roller


1 Litre
Price (Inc VAT) : 26.29
Owatrol Seasonite Wood Stabiliser & Protector