Toupret Fibacryl Flexible Repair Filler

Toupret Fibacryl is a white, ready to use, flexible, fibre reinforced exterior and interior filler. Suitable for filling and repairing moving cracks on masonry facades. Ideal for pointing joints, or cracks, where two different materials join together. Adheres to unpainted or painted surfaces, new or renovated: plaster, plaster tiles, plaster boards, old painted substrates, cement, breeze blocs, bricks, concrete, cellular concrete, primed wood, mortar.

Key Benefits

  • Ready for use
  • Moves and flexes without cracking
  • Good adhesion on paintwork
  • No need to spot prime
  • Long lasting flexibility
  • Enriched with fibres
  • Fine white finish
  • Will not flash or grin

Price (Inc VAT) : 9.38
Toupret Fibacryl Flexible Repair Filler