Craftsman Danish Oil

Bird Brand Craftsman Danish Oil

A very popular natural oil product for sealing and varnishing timbers. Contains Tung Oil to give some water and heat resistance and if a few coats are applied it gives a low sheen. Applications include the cupboard doors of kitchen units, wooden bath panels, worktops and garden furniture.
Danish Oil is also very good for areas in the kitchen as it is one of the oils deemed to be safe in contact with food. Tung Oil is otherwise known as Chinese Wood Oil and gives a shellac like hardwearing film. Fine wire wool can be an aid to application and preparation. A common mistake is to apply to much and then like Linseed Oil the surface goes tacky and then crosslinked it becomes near impossible to remove without severe abrasion.
The tin should be stirred and shaken before and during application


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1 Litre16.764
2.5 Litre35.052
5 Litre65.844
Bird Brand Craftsman Danish Oil