Crown Trade Paint

Crown Trade Paint

Kent Blaxill is proud to stock high-quality Crown Trade paint, which provides exceptional coverage and an unrivalled finish.


Whatever your project, we’re confident we’ll have the supplies you require. In our range, you’ll find incredibly durable options that are perfect for high-traffic areas, as well as a selection of exterior paint. We have a great range of Crown Trade paint colours available too!

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The essentials aren’t just your everyday run-of-the-mill interior and exterior paints, they do the job you need them to do with minimum fuss and maximum results. Popular products such as Matt Vinyl Emulsion or Acrylic Eggshell which are a perfect go-to choice of paints for use on walls and ceilings or for woodwork we’d recommend a Full Gloss or Eggshell paint for exceptional coverage and durability.

​Colour Matching & Paint Mixing
Crown Trade prides itself on their unique SCAN™ colour codification system, in which colours are scientifically measured and assigned a unique 6-digit SCAN™ code based on the hue, lightness and saturation of the colour desired.

The SCAN™ system ties in with the highly accurate Crown Trade colour matching service that we have in selected branches to offer you the closest colour match in the industry.

​Primers & Preparation
Every good decorator knows that a job is only as good as the prep-work you put in.

Crown Trade offers a range of primers, sealers and other preparatory products to ensure that you get the professional finish you or your client is after every time. We’d recommend the Acrylic Primer Undercoat for a quick drying solution that will ensure your paint gets excellent adhesion to your primed surface.

In conditions where the paint may be compromised in time by mould then we strongly recommend the use of Crown Trade Fungicidal solution to effectively kill algae and mould growth before you start painting.

​High Performance
Crown Trade high performance paints are geared towards environments that are susceptible to damage, high traffic, wear and tear or need regular cleaning.
From a children’s nursery (Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt) to a high-traffic hallway within an office building (Epimac Anti-Slip Floor Paint), Crown Trade high performance coverings are designed to exceed your expectations of what a high performance paint means to you.

​Timonox Flame Retardant Coatings
Crown Trade Timonox is a range of flame retardant coatings that can help buy precious time for evacuation and save lives in the event of an emergency.
Timonox coatings are painter-friendly and in some cases will work towards achieving the suitable fire safety certification for your building.

Crown Trade
has extended its range to include woodcare with varnishes & stains to suit interior, exterior and even maritime applications!

​The Crown Trade woodcare range offers products that are specific to your requirements, whether you need a durable scuff-resistant finish or a long-lasting exterior solution, Crown Trade woodcare offers the quality and reliability for which the brand is famous.

Take your pick from our extensive range available to order online today with FREE UK Mainland delivery when you spend £100 or more in a single online order or visit one of our branches today.