Colour Match & Mixing

Colour Match & Mix

Our paint mixing machines can mix almost any colour.

We offer the full British Standard range of colours (which can be mixed in any brand). But there's even more available. Dulux and Crown have thousands more colours which can be mixed exclusively on their paint mixing machines.
You can check the availability of colour mixing at our branches below.

Colour Matching

Trying to match an old paint colour or favourite coloured object?

We have colour scanners which can scan a sample block of colour and reproduce that colour for you in almost any decorative finish. The Dulux scanner matches your sample to the thousands of colours stored in its database. It then produces the closest match it can find.

The Crown system scans your colour sample and creates a unique colour recipe which is as exact a colour match as you can get. These colour scanners are available to our customers free of charge. See the chart below to find out which colour scanners are available at your local branch.

Note: the sample must be a solid block of colour. For example, a sample of cloth with more than one colour thread in a pattern cannot be scanned.

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