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Glass Blocks

Glass Blocks Walling System
Ideal for consumer or commercial use where you want to allow light in but retain a dividing wall.
The styles and colours of the glass blocks allow design features to be added simply and effectively. The two systems we offer from stock can be installed by a competent tradesman. Installation and technical sheets are available.
We stock a selection of glass blocks from the D.I.Y range, available in 190mm x 190mm x 80mm.

Framelight Dry Fix System
Generally used internally for dividing walls. Uses a dry fix timber framing and spacing component easily assembled with connecting clips.

Framelight Components
Cill/Head Section 2.6m
Forms the 4 outer edges of the wall/frame
Vertical Dividers - Pack 10
Placed between each block
Horizontal Rail 2.6m
Goes between each row of blocks, fixed to frame using fixing clips
Fixing Clips - Pack 10 Pairs
Used to clip together the outer frame and horizontal rails

Traditional Mortar System
Generally used for any non-load bearing walls internally and externally. This system incorporates specially modified glass block mortar with plastic spacers for simplified construction. A reinforcement option is available for increased stability.

Mortar Components
Glass Block Mortar White 25kg
Panel Anchors 200mm
Reinforcing Rods 1.5m - Stainless Steel
Foam Compression Strip 1" x 5m
Easy to Use Spacers Pack 25
​Panel Grout White 10kg

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