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Glass Flooring

Glass tough enough to walk on
There are times when the need arises for glass tough enough to walk on and see through! This is for commercial or domestic applications, including stair treads, landings, museums, well covers, and other bespoke locations.

All glass supplied will be to the correct specification
We calculate the correct loadings required for your application and consult with Pilkington's technical team on the glass specification required

  • The glass can be sandblasted to give an opaque finish
  • Available with antislip tread

At Kent Blaxill we can manufacture and supply this product for collection, and if you're within our delivery range, deliver to site to be installed by yourself or a suitable contractor.

Top: Warners Textile Museum, Braintree

Steel frame glazed with 39.5mm annealed laminated glass - allows visitors to see the original mill wheel which was buried beneath the floor.

Bottom: Sutton Hoo, Woodbridge
Steel frame glazed with 51.5mm annealed laminated glass - allows visitors to view the remains of Anglo-Saxon burials beneath the visitor centre floor.

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