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Pilkington Textured Glass

For privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, decorative glass gives you a whole range of attractive options. In fact, Pilkington gives you no fewer than 18 different textured glass designs, together with our premium range of etched glass - from classic to contemporary, no one offers a bigger choice.

The advantages of Pilkington decorative glass are easy to see, too: it allows maximum light while maintaining privacy or obscuring unattractive views, and also forms an attractive decorative feature itself.

Choose from a wide range of original designs, for a larger version of each texture, click on the corresponding image below.

Pilkington Autumn
Pilkington Arctic
Pilkington Chantily
Pilkington Charcoal Sticks
Pilkington Contora
Pilkington Cotswold
Pilkington Digital
Pilkington Everglade
Pilkington Flemish
Pilkington Florielle
Pilkington Mayflower
Pilkington Minister
Pilkington Oak
Pilkington Pelerine
Pilkington Stippolyte
Pilkington Sycamore
Pilkington Taffeta
Pilkington Warwick