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Putties, Mastics & Tools

Putties & Mastics
Kent Blaxill is a major stockist of the Arbo range of putty, mastics and specialist glazing tapes manufactured by Adshead Ratcliffe.

Some of the products we stock and typical uses
Linseed oil putty - Glazing single glass into timber frames and wood filling.
Multi-purpose putty - For glazing single glass into timber or metal frames.
Silicones - Sealing PVCu windows, sanitary ware shower screens etc.
Also as part of the method for glazing sealed units.

Polysulphide sealants - Expansion joints typically between frame and brickwork.
Acrylic sealants - primarily for internal pointing applications.
Butyl non-setting compound - for use in sealed unit glazing and glazing of laminated glass.
Mirror adhesive - for adhering mirrors to suitably prepared substrate.

​Fire resistant tapes and mastics - for fire resistant glazing applications.
Guns, tools and accessories - Skeleton guns, putty knives, hacking knives, nozzles etc.
Preformed mastic strips and tapes - for glazing sealed units.
Glazing blocks and packers - for blocking sealed units.

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