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Patent Glazing Roofing

Kent Blaxill have a huge range available for roof glazing and roof lights – We have options to cater for both domestic and commercial applications that helps to maximise natural light in many situations.

We have the capabilities to specify and supply roof glazing and roof lights from Kent Blaxill. Depending on your location we can also deliver the product direct to your site to be installed by a suitable contractor or tradesman.

Domestic Roof Glazing

For domestic applications the use of a roof light or skylight can bring natural light into an otherwise gloomy part of your home. Roof glazing is commonly used on the roof of an extension to draw more natural light into the property. The options available in domestic applications include pyramid roof lights, self-cleaning glass, automatic roof lights that close when it starts raining and pitched roof lanterns.

Commercial Roof Glazing

In commercial applications, rooflights and skylights can be used on a large scale to bring in natural light to an office or retail environment.
Roof glazing can also be implemented in a showroom or gallery to further enhance the appearance of articles on display.
We have a wide range of roof light and lantern options available for commercial applications from Lonsdale, a highly reputable manufacturer of high-quality, eco-friendly roof glazing solutions.

In short, Roof lights and roof glazing solutions provide an attractive, practical and viable source of natural light for both domestic and commercial buildings to form an essential part of modern or classic architecture.

About Patent Glazing Roofing System

Patent glazing systems allow light and ventilation into areas of a building that might have previously been covered over. There are many different types of rooflights (and lanternlights) which can be used to provide a solution:

Lonsdale Glazing Bars – Available as single or double glazed roof units, they provide a glazing system for use on top of rafters or can be self-supporting between the wallplate and ring beam.

Lonsdale Spanguard – A self-supporting roof/lantern light which can be bespoke manufactured in a variety of shapes & finishes. Ideally installed onto a timber or metal kerb.

Exitex Glazing Bars – A patent glazing system for use on rafters only and available as single or double glazed units. Suits a wide variety of different conservatory designs from Victorian to gable-ended.

All of these glazing roofing systems come in a wide choice of colours to ensure that they comply with planning regulations and double glazing units will comply with the current building regulations (Including Doc L.)

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