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Secondary Double Glazing

Secondary double glazing is a practical & affordable solution to heat and sound insulation that can be fitted to existing windows.
At Kent Blaxill, we can supply this economic alternative that is ideal for period and listed properties where any replacement windows would destroy the unique character of the building.

We can manufacture secondary double glazing units here at Kent Blaxill to your specifications & measurements. If you're within our delivery range we can also deliver the units direct to your site to be installed by yourself or a suitable contractor.

Why choose secondary double glazing from Kent Blaxill?
Living in a gorgeous period property is often synonymous with cold draughts and sky high fuel bills – Discreet secondary double glazing can be used to drastically improve insulation, reducing your energy bills without changing the exterior look of the building.

Reduced heat loss – Secondary double glazing works in just the same way as PVCu double glazing does. Fitting secondary double glazing traps a layer of still air between the original windows and the secondary glazing which dramatically reduces heat loss. It also works in the summer to keep cool air in if you have air conditioning.

Reduced noise pollution – If your period property is situated by a busy main road or in a busy city centre like London then secondary double glazing will work to drastically reduce noise pollution. Once it’s installed then you’ll noticed a marked difference in ambient sound levels in your home while your property still retains character and charm externally. Secondary Double Glazing can provide up to 45dB reduction in sound through your windows, depending on your choice of glass.

Reduced condensation – Secondary double glazing is an insulator designed to reduce the loss of heat by conduction. It also reduces cold conduction which helps to reduce or eliminate condensation on the inside of your windows. The secondary double glazing will have a warmer surface temperature than the external glass, therefore helping prevent the appearance of condensation.

Elimination of cold draughts – Sash windows, while attractive, are notoriously draughty – Secondary double glazing for sash windows is an ideal solution as the internal units are sealed far better than their period counterparts. This effectively stops any draughts, making your home feel warmer, cosier and far more pleasant in the winter months.

Our secondary double glazing units are manufactured from extruded aluminium and powder coated, this ensures a lifetime product. The aluminium secondary double glazing can then be fitted with a choice of 4mm or 6mm float glass or 6.4mm laminated or toughened glass. We can also supply these units direct to your site - for more information please get in touch via the enquire online button below.

Secondary Double Glazing Options

Vertical Sliding Units
Designed to fit existing vertical sliding windows or to give convenient access to top hung casement sashes.
Also available in guillotine or counter balanced systems.

Horizontal Sliding Units
Stylishly designed to blend with unobtrusive elegance to most existing windows, with alternative types of track to suit differing situations.
Efficient double sealing easy sliding panels (which can be locked closed for maximum security). Designed to match existing window layout.

Hinged & Fixed Units
Versatile, efficient and inexpensive units which can be top hung.
Usually fixed to existing wooden window frames.

Shaped Units
These can be made to order to suit arched windows.

Lift Out Units
An alternative to screw fixed units for windows which are not normally opened, but to which easy access is required.
Available with 'Face Fixed' or 'Reverse Fixed' outer frames.

​​In short– Secondary double glazing from Kent Blaxill is a stylish, cost-effective and trouble-free alternative to PVCu replacement windows, they don’t detract from the character of the building while providing all of the benefits of modern PVCu windows.

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