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The Winning Project - Earls Colne Recreation Club!

So many worthwhile projects were submitted to our website for consideration, the decision-making process was extremely hard but in the end there was one project that had a big percentage of the votes as well as fitting the criteria perfectly.

We're pleased to announce that the Earls Colne Recreation Club has been selected as the winning project for All Hands on Dec! The Earls Colne Recreation Club will benefit hugely from this renovation and provide a much-needed refresh to a very popular venue used by all aspects of the local community.​

We still need your help!

Please consider volunteering your time - If you have any skills that you think you could bring to the winning project then we'd love for you to volunteer some of your time! Whether you're skilled with a paintbrush or making tea, we need your help! please visit our volunteer page to pledge as many hours as you like.


​What is All Hands on Dec?

Kent Blaxill has partnered up with Crown Paints to bring the All Hands on Dec community-based decorative project to you. This is your opportunity to get a decorative renovation on a much-loved community hall, area or building that is in need of a little TLC.
Kent Blaxill and Crown Paints have set aside a £10,000 budget to improve a local, community-orientated space that is used for clubs, events, childrens activities or sports.

Why are we doing it?

Kent Blaxill has deep roots in the local communities across the areas we trade in and we wish to strengthen those roots and build an even better relationship with the local people. We can achieve this with the All Hands on Dec campaign by vastly improving a community area or building that is used for childrens activities and clubs.

What will the £10,000 budget get?

Kent Blaxill & Crown Paints have set aside a £10,000 budget for the winning project.
This budget will be carefully allocated by our team for the purchase of painting and decorating materials to suit the project.
For example, we may be able to supply Crown's flame retardent Timonox paint for areas that need their fire ratings improved. Or we can supply Crown Clean Extreme for areas exposed to copious quantities of dirt (such as a kids rugby club changing room!).

Either way, £10,000 could make a considerable difference to the quality of your local community project.