An Evening with Celebrity Chef Mark Baumann

Two nights a year, Kent Blaxill host a special evening with the award winning chef Mark Baumann. The nights are special invitation only events where Mark showcases his culinary skills to demonstrate and give away some of his own secrets in preparing exquisite gourmet dishes that he regularly serves at his restaurant 'Baumann's Brasserie' in Coggeshall, Essex.

With limited places available, 50 selected invites are given out to customers who have recently purchased or are in the process of ordering kitchens from Kent Blaxill. The nights are great fun and are enjoyed by all who attend as they get to tuck into carefully prepared canapès and 1 or 2 glasses of bubbly whilst the charismatic chef, who has starred in his own ITV television series "Baumann Goes to Market" and is a guest presenter of UKTV Food's flagship programme "Great Food Live", gives a 'Masterclass', and a lively and entertaining 2+ hour performance as he usually prepares a starter dish, a divine and delicious main and a unique & creative delicious dessert.

Be sure to check out our recipes and videos to get a flavour of the event and some tips for yourself on how to make the fabulous meals that Mark presents. If you enjoy what you see in the videos and would like to come along and participate in the next Kent Blaxill kitchen cookery masterclass or if you attended and you have any comments or suggestions on how we could improve this event in the future please click on the Enquire Online button below.

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Mark Baumann getting the ingredients for his Kent Blaxill masterclass
Mark Baumann prepares 4 fantastic dishes from his recent cookery event at Kent Blaxill in April