Baked beetroot tart with chive crème fraiche

Baked beetroot tart with chive crème fraiche

Ingredients -
Serves 4

80 g butter
4 x small nicely rounded cooked beetroots - peeled
1 x medium raw beetroot - peeled
1 x tablespoon brown sugar
200 g crème fraiche
1 x tablespoon fresh chives – finely diced
250 g block of puff pastry – thawed
Plain flour – to sprinkle
Salt & black pepper
A bunch of rocket & frisee lettuce to garnish
1 x tablespoon of white wine vinegar juice
1 x tablespoon of walnut oil
1 x teaspoon French mustard

Specialist equipment : 4 x non stick (tefal pans) approx 15cm, rolling pin
Japanese vegetable slicer (optional garnish)


  1. Sprinkle a work surface with flour then divide the thawed puff pastry into 4 pieces.

  2. Roll these out to a thickness of about 5 mm. Then cut circles from this to a size of about 15cm. using a saucer or small plate. Don’t worry about precise size!

  3. Evenly slice each cooked beetroot into 5 pieces.

  4. Now lay 5 pieces of beetroot in the butter and sugar overlapping in the non stick pan. Repeat with each pan.

  5. Place the rolled puff pastry on top of the beetroot and fold in the edges so that they are not over hanging the pan. Place in a hot oven (190 degrees centigrade or gas 5) until browned (7 – 10 mins).

  6. While waiting peel the raw beetroot and finely julienne (Japanese slicer) and thoroughly wash under cold running water until the water runs clear.

  7. Add chives to crème fraiche and season with salt & pepper and combine the walnut oil, white wine vinegar & French mustard for a salad dressing. If necessary wash the salads and dry thoroughly.

  8. Once the tarts are nicely browned remove from the oven and carefully turn out onto warmed plates. Serve with the dressed salad, crème fraiche & raw beetroot.
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