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Finishes for Exterior Masonry

Little Greene Masonry Paint is available in almost all Little Greene paint colours, enabling you to take your colour schemes outside.

Little Greene Limewash is available in selected colours, however it is not currently available to buy online. In order to purchase Little Greene Limewash please click on the enquire online button located at the bottom of the page, then please state the name of the colour you would like to enquire about, as well as providing a delivery address and contact details.

Masonry Paint

Little Greene's Exterior Masonry Paint is available in almost all colours and quick-drys to a smooth finish. It will last 15 years on exterior walls before repainting is required, resisting dirt and contains anti-fungal and anti aging properties to look good for longer. Little Greene Masonry Paint is the ideal choice to achieve a long-lasting matt finish on brick, stone or rendered walls.


Little Greene Limewash is a very traditional finish, recommended only to be used to decorate and protect porous stone and lime-rendered surfaces. Like Distemper, Limewash is a breathable finish making it suitable for old and damp-problematic walls. Limewash penetrates the surface, unlike paint and the colour is built up by applying successive coats. Limewash has a very matt 3% sheen level and is water-based and environmentally friendly.

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