Little Greene Wallpapers

Little Greene wallpapers perfectly accompany the company's paint palette. With 6 collections, featuring over 40 designs available in several different colourways, Little Greene provide an excellent range of wallpaper to suit your decorating needs and schemes.

Little Greene wallpapers encompass a variety of styles, eras and historical periods, as well as more contemporary themes. Whether your looking for a traditional or modern look, or replicating the spirit of a particular age, Little Greene provide a stunning and comprehensive variety of papers to choose from. Such is the demand for these products that we at Kent Blaxill have made them available for online purchasing.

After the success of their heritage colours paint range ‘The Colours of England’, Little Greene has again collaborated with English Heritage to produce the 'London Wallpapers' collections.Based on paper fragments dating back to the 16th century, these 'samples' were collected over many years and then archived at Kenwood House in London. Until the end of the Industrial Revolution in the Victorian Era, London was the centre of the wallpaper industry, with many papers replicating the textiles of the day, often being produced in a similar fashion. Such is the authenticity of the London papers that many predate the influence of the revolution itself.

Each paper in the 'London Wallpapers' range retains the essence of the original, with the designs having been re-scaled and re-coloured and then produced using current techniques.

Little Greene also has three other beautiful ranges to choose from, including the 'Oriental Wallpapers', which is heavily influenced by Japanese Kimono design and blends perfectly with a range of complimentary Little Greene 'Colours of England' Paint colours to create a stunning look.

Each collection is manufactured using specialist printing methods on quality paper, giving each paper its individual texture and elegance, whilst retaining durability and toughness.

​Please view our Little Greene Wallpaper collections to find the perfect solution to your decorating needs.