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Sandtex Trade

At Kent Blaxill, we’re proud to bring you an exceptional range of Sandtex Trade supplies.

Specialising in exterior masonry coatings as well as metal and wood paints, Sandtex is the number one masonry paint supplier in the UK. The brand has a reputation for manufacturing durable and professional paint.

​​Our Sandtex Trade paints are the perfect choice for those who are seeking a professional-grade finish that simply isn’t possible with domestic or generic products.


​Sandtex Trade Masonry Coatings

Sandtex Trade masonry paints are available in numerous finishes such as matt, gloss, satin, flat and eggshell. All of these finishes offer the same exceptional level of durability and quality to the professional & home decorator.



​Sandtex Trade Wood Coatings

Sandtex Trade wood paints offers the quality and depth of finish that is unrivalled in the industry.
These paints are designed to withstand the rigours of weathering over many years while conditioning the timber underneath it to ensure longevity and resistance against rot and fungal decay.



​Sandtex Trade Metal Coatings

Sandtex Trade metal coatings ensures that you get the finish you want while preserving the bare metal underneath. These metal coatings are specially formulated to provide long lasting protection for all exterior metal work in the harshest of conditions as well as UV resistance to protect the resin from breakdown caused by UV light.



​Sandtex Trade Primers, treatments, fillers and membranes

Sandtex Trade also produce a line of complementary products to go with their coatings, these products are ideal to use to prepare a surface prior to painting or to treat a surface once the work is done to enhance the longevity and durability of the painted surface even further.

​These products work in tandem with the coatings to ensure excellent adhesion and the best possible finish.


Take your pick from our extensive range available to order online today with FREE UK Mainland delivery when you spend £100 or more in a single online order or visit one of our branches today.