Stand Tall Campaign

Dot, the KB sponsored giraffe, and other members of the Stand Tall campaign herd have been pulling in the crowds around Colchester town centre.

And with both Colchester Zoo and the Beatles celebrating their 50th anniversaries this year,four giraffes created a stir in Abbey Road by re-enacting the Beatles’ iconic album cover.

The one at the back doing a George Harrison impersonation is Dot.

Dot is now situated in Head Street at the junction with St John’s Street until August 26.

The Stand Tall giraffe trail is part of Colchester Zoo’s 50th birthday celebrations.
An app enabling you to follow the trail can be downloaded from store/apps/details?

Dot the KB Giraffe with Company PA Monica Hartley
Dot the KB Giraffe on a trailer during her tour
Dot on her Safari in London
Dot doing her George Harrison impersonation on Abbey Road