Wallpaper Calculator

To make sure you buy the right amount of wallpaper rolls for your project we have created a handy wallpaper calculator, with some easy steps to follow.

Step 1. Wall height measurement – Measure the wall from the floor to the ceiling but exclude the height of any skirting board present.

Step 2. Total measurement around the room – This should include windows and doors.

Step 3. Roll dimensions - Using your choosen wallpaper roll details add the roll dimensions.

Step 4. Roll repeat - Different designs will require varying quantities depending on the repeat pattern size.

Disclaimer: Please use this calculator as a guide as patterned wallpapers will repeat the design so its best to overestimate to be on the safe side.

Wallpaper Tip: Wallpaper is manufactured in batches and is given a unique batch number. There may be some slight variations in colour and shade between different batches so make sure that your wallpaper order is from the same batch. The batch number can be easily found on the wallpaper label.

Room dimensions
Roll dimensions

You need X rolls of wallpaper