Osmo Polyx Oil Anti Slip

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An anti-slip version of the popular Osmo Polyx Oil that provides a tough, durable, anti-slip finish to both wooden floors and stairs.
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Osmo Polyx Oil Anti Slip is an extremely versatile oil that's made from a blend of natural vegetable oils and waxes and forms part of Osmo range of interior finishing oils. This product is especially useful for entrance hallways, wooden steps, staircases and commercial environments, such as shops and restaurants where slip-resistance is a priority.
- Please Note: The R9 offers more slip resistance than regular Osmo Polyx Oil. The R11 offers the most slip resistance out of the Polyx Oil range.
- R11 - Dries dries to a satin finish
- R9 - Dries to a semi-matt finish (slightly less of a sheen than the R11)
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Brand Osmo
No. of coats 2
Drying time 8 hrs