Osmo Wood Protector Clear

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Unique preservative wood primer especially developed for wood's prone to moisture and susceptible to blue stain in wet rooms such as bathrooms.
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Osmo Wood Protector (4006) is suitable for any interior wood particularly susceptible to blue stain, including wooden flooring, window frames and wooden panelling in moist environments, such as bathrooms. It is also suitable for exterior wood for which an absolutely ecological, biocide-free impregnation is desired.
- For an alternative exterior base coat with the added protection of biocides, see Osmo WR Base Coat (4001)
- Please Note: This product is not recommended for use as a basecoat under products such as Osmo Polyx Oil Raw (3044) or Osmo Top Oil Natural (3068), that are designed to retain the natural, untreated finish of the wood. This product will enhance and darken the wood grain which is the opposite of what the above top coats are designed to do.
- Osmo Wood Protector is compatible with all commonly used glues and putties with the exception of products containing Silicone.
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Brand Osmo
No. of coats 1
Drying time 24 hrs